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We are strong believers in data privacy and your right to it. Our data privacy policy is simple: who you are is none of our business, so while our services may collect some of your data, all of it will be anonymized and untraceable to you.

We use security measures to ensure to protect the data collected. Most of this data is aggregated through a reporting tool before even reaching us. We do not collect and store individualized and personally-identifying data without your consent.

Search History

Whenever you perform a search in the application, we collect information such as:

All of these are collected to help us find broad patterns that will help us improve our services. This information is anonymized and not tied to your identity, unless you create and log in to a specific Sakay account.

Once you log in, the data is tied to your account for the session. If you do not wish to be identifiable through the data, you are advised to log out of your Sakay account.

We do not sell or disclose this information to third-parties, unless required to complete certain authentications or transactions. For example, we may send your information to Google or Facebook should you decide to log in through those channels.

Use of Location Data in Mobile Apps

Our services may use your location as provided by GPS, cell-towers, or Wi-Fi. This use of your location is opt-in and you may choose not to provide your location by adjusting your phone's privacy settings.

We use this data to show and update your location on the map, and act as a shortcut for setting origin or destination. We may also collect and store this data as described in the rest of this document, for example as in Search History above.

Auto-complete and Place Search

During search, we also collect what your text box looks like every time you hit enter on our fields. This is collected only for the purpose of improving our auto-complete feature.

This data will always be unnamed and will never be personally connected to you.

Communications Conducted through Sakay Services